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Lucky Last Studio
Based in Melbourne, Australia


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Nintendo Switch

Release date

Coming early 2024


Skate Bums is an arcade skateboarding platformer that combines high-speed action with boss battles and a quirky storyline. With simple controls the game rewards players for their creativity and exploration, offering endless fun challenges and replayability.

Play as Lux and face off against a diverse crew of Skate Bums, each with their own signature courses. But watch out, dude! The Skate Bums won't go down without a fight. They'll throw everything at you, literally!


Navigate through beautifully designed side-scrolling levels, avoiding obstacles and discovering hidden secrets along the way.


It's time to show off your skills, transform this city into your personal skatepark, and become the legendary skater who reshapes the fate of Beluga City!


After the success of his initial venture into indie games as one of the artists behind the award-winning title 'Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise', Jono Yuen embarked on a new adventure close to his heart - a game rooted in his childhood fascination with the vibrant skateboarding culture of the 80s and 90s.

As he delved deeper into the creative aspects of this project, he soon discovered the project was too much to tackle alone. Thankfully, luck was on his side as he serendipitously crossed paths with Danny Masalkovski, a seasoned UI and motion designer with invaluable experience in game development. Danny's addition to the team provided the missing pieces that would turn this concept into reality.


Together, they set about creating a game that blended the spirit and quirkiness of classic floppy disk and arcade games, with handcrafted artwork and contemporary gameplay mechanics. As a passion project, the duo tirelessly devoted every spare moment over the course of seven years to bringing this vision to life, persevering through the unpredictable challenges of life and work. 

As the project grew in length the duo were joined by a third member in Jono's long time friend Mark White. Mark's experience in project management and business development on his own games Agent A, Down in Bermuda and Crash Course have helped the team navigate the trepidous final stages of the project to launch.

Players will soon be able to experience the results of their labour, a love letter to the games that shaped them as kids. Releasing early 2024.


A quirky skateboarding adventure

Jump into the shoes of our female protagonist Lux, as you embark on an adrenaline-fueled mission as the unlikely hero of Beluga City, challenging the notorious Skate Bums who rule the streets.

Relive skate vibes from the 80s and 90s in this modern adventure dripping with old school flavour and delivered in a unique illustrative art style.

Choose your own path

Explore unique locations with multiple layers. Create your own path through levels to find your flow, maximise combos, and discover secrets. The city is your playground.

Boss battles

Battle the Skate Bums on their own signature courses fraught with danger and full of surprises. You'll have more than just obstacles to contend with. They'll throw anything at you from air conditioners, lawn chairs to cars!

Defeat them and steal their board as your reward!

Explore unique locations

Visit downtown Beluga City, the tropical steep terrain of Paradise Hills or the eclectic, offbeat Miso Town subway system. Each location offers its unique visuals, gameplay and personality.

Skills to pay the bills

Chain together massive combos, bridge giant gaps or take on legendary challenges to earn coin that you can spend at Licky's skate shop.

Shred in style

Visit Licky’s skate shop to unlock the freshest gear to personalize your hero and showcase your unique flair.









Jono Yuen

Creative Director

Danny Masalkovski

Lead Programmer


Press and media contact


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